OPM: Kahit Saan, Kahit Kailan


Thanks to the hardworking VOLUNTEERS and generous SPONSORS  the event was a huge success. 

Indeed it was Ottawa’s DANCE PARTY OF THE YEAR a night of music and dance as Tom Brown Arena was converted into a dance club music hall complete with a bar serving non-alcoholic drinks,laser lights lighting up the dance floor,smoke machine,glow sticks for a club setting ambiance.Food was excellent which was made possible by Meryenda Food Truck one of the sponsors of the event.

There was a big hype days before the event as tickets were selling fast.The community knows that everytime Tinig Pinoy organizes events like this they can expect it to be well-organized and successful.

People were dancing,grooving and throwing their hands up in the air as Dj Ronan Noypi Mesa and Dj JT Jun Tolentino kept the crowd moving on the dance floor.They were taken back in time as music from the 70’s 80’s 90’s OPM Dance were played,as well as the music of today.

Fil Caballes of “Zumba with Fil” led the crowd with an energized filled set.There were prizes  handed out throughout the night as lucky winners were drawn.

Here are the photos taken by the official photographers that night from the P.O.S.E. group (Photographer’s in Ottawa Shooting Enthusiast) Pam Tumbaga,Larry Jhon Almuete and Ronan “Noypi” Mesa

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