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Dear DJ Regz


  • Regina Sosing


Sundays and Saturdays @ 9PM-12PM (Manila Time)


DEAR DJ REGINA brings you information: Issues on Labor & Immigration of OFWs; current events: headlines from the Philippines, showbiz and community news; entertainment: Original Pilipino Music (OPM); Love Notes & Dedication; and community-building: interviews with independent musicians, performers, politicians & governments officials in Canada and the Philippines, and with Tinig Pinoy Radio listeners (“Katinig”) worldwide.

The “Let’s hear it straight from you” format interviews authorities allowing listeners to interact real-time through questions or comments online to clarify issues for the benefit of listeners.

DEAR DJ REGINA includes a segment for listeners to send personal letters to seek opinions of both host and listeners, or to simply share personal stories for Tinig Pinoy Radio listeners (“Katinig”) worldwide to learn from the experience.

DEAR DJ REGINA goes LIVE every Saturday and Sunday, from 9pm to 12am, RP Time, 9am to 12pm EST, 4pm to 7pm Middle East.

Contact information: e-mail: regina@tinigpinoy.net skype : tinigpinoy.net.


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