OPM: Kahit Saan, Kahit Kailan

Fun Food and Friendship at Get Together


Today, March 22, 2015, Singapores’s Toa Payoh Park bustles with almost irrepressible activities as Tinig Pinoy Radio katinig, garbed in colourful shirts emblazoned with their respective team names, belt in succession shout outs extolling TPR’s slogan-like mission of service to Pinoy communities worldwide.

A table-filled with dishes of various kind, but all with unmistakeable Pinoy flavour is shared with gusto and punctuated by shrieks and laughter while some sway with the music played by the event’s DJ, Gio Alano of the fun show Bossing & Bessings.

 It is the first-ever get-together of the members of various teams within Tinig Pinoy Radio, e.g., Chika Babes, Katamberkz, Kinaray-a, Powerpuff Angels and Waraynon Team and from all indications, the event proves to be a big success. Congratulations go to the event organizers:  Chel-ai Asejo, Gio Alano,  Jenny Lee Quinisio, Jr Canega Daban and Sheng Gemino Romano as well as to all katinig who came and joined the happy occasion. Special thanks to those who cooked and brought food, took care of the physical arrangements and shared their time in making the affair one to remember.

This early, Katinigs from Ottawa and, perhaps others from various points worldwide, are already planning to attend what could turn out to be an annual gathering of proud and fun-loving TPR members.

Note: Here are some pictures taken during the event for everyone to see. Unfortunately, some may prove to be wanting in quality as they were only screen grabs from Skype.

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